Hill Country Dog Center

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Dedicated to providing quality working dogs and training.

Hill Country Dog Center (HCDC) was founded in August 1994 by Michael Clemenson, and since that start Hill Country Dog Center has established itself as one of the premier and most active police dog training facilities in the world.

Michael Clemenson, Company founder, has 26 years’ experience working in the field of service canine.   He started his career in the United States Air Force as a working dog and narcotics dog trainer and handler. He advanced to the position “Supervisor of Procurement Team” to select and evaluate dogs for training.  After completing his tour of duty, Mr. Clemenson joined the team at Global Training Academy as a trainer for search, detection, security and land mine detection canines. 

In 1994, he opened Hill Country Dog Center and where he continues to this date providing training and services to multiple state Police and Sheriff Departments and State Highway Patrol units, as well as procuring canines for contracts with the Federal Government.  

Mr. Clemenson also facilitates numerous seminars and workshops both domestically and internationally.  In support of ongoing training departments, handlers, and companies, Mr. Clemenson has lectured and taught explosive detection, narcotic detection and patrol dog training seminars all over the United States and several foreign countries, including but not limited to, the Colombian Air Force, Singapore Civil Defense team, and Securita Aviation located at Schiphol International Airport.

20 Years providing Working Dogs and Handler Training