Hill Country Dog Center

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Dedicated to providing quality working dogs and training.

Hill Country Dog Center always strive to procure the best suitable dog for each of our clients.  We has very close business partnerships with some of the world’s largest, most reputable breeders of quality Working Dogs.  Hill Country Dog Center has procured thousands of high quality K9s for over 20 years.

Hill Country Dog Center has many years’ experience in conducting “Procurement trips” around the world, during which we have performed extensive pre-selection testing on vendors, their canine products, and on their kennels and training sites.  As a result, we have established excellent business relationships with premiere vendors domestically and abroad.  Our experience in this area, along with our long term business relationships with vendors, has resulted in a high degree of success in purchasing quality dogs, and in the final certification of dogs purchased. Initial screening of canines prior to purchase, is critical in reducing the risk of post procurement rejection,  a major issue affecting overall cost, loss of training time, schedule slippage, and the introduction of new critical paths in the training schedule.

Most Common Working Dog Breeds

◾Belgian Malinois

◾German Shepherd

◾Dutch Shepherd

◾Retriever/ Labradors

Hill Country Dog Center can procure additional breeds.