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This course consists of 4 to 5 weeks of training, designed to train you in the proper utilization and handling of detection/patrol dog. The type of dog determines the length of the course and the curriculum covered. You will receive classroom and field training in the following subjects:

  • Kennel construction and Maintenance
  • K-9 Health and Welfare
  • Utilization and Training Records
  • Safety Procedures
  • Safety and Security of Training Aids
  • Legal Considerations
  • Principles of Conditioning, Detection/Controlled Aggression
  • Building Search
  • Obedience and Tracking/Scouting.

Approximately 80% of training will be conducted in a field environment and the remaining 20% in the classroom. If necessary specialized individual assistance training will be conducted during normal course hours. Remedial training is training conducted in addition to normal course hours. Depending on observations or testing, you will receive either or both.

We will provide basic dog equipment which includes: 6' Leather Leash, Leather Collar, Choke Chain, Kong, Slicker Brush, and Feed Pan.

Hill Country Dog Center offers unique and unprecedented agitator training. Our instructors will cover basic/advance skills needed to peak your agency's working dogs at their maximum potential. The curriculum will cover the following subjects:

  • Bite Suit Training
  • Hidden Sleeve Work
  • Training under Actual Scenarios
  • Analyzing and Manipulating Animal Behavior
  • Agitator Safety

While here, your primary responsibility is to apply yourself and learn the proper procedures required to care for and handle a working dog. Everyone is expected to apply basic human relations techniques. During this course you may be expected to perform tasks requiring teamwork. Your attitude and duty performance will have a direct influence on both you and your peers.

Student Responsibilities

At the end of the course, your working dog team will be certified for service by a representative from an appropriate agency.

Course Overview

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