HCDC is located in Pipe Creek, Texas, 40 miles west of San Antonio, on a beautiful and well-equipped 40-acre compound with over 50,000 square feet in classrooms, training buildings, and office space.  At its disposal, HCDC has numerous facilities both on-site and off-site as well, thus helping to simulate real-life scenarios for training purposes.  Its set-up includes an exclusive building used to train and evaluate K9 teams which yields non-intrusive monitoring of K9s during simulated building searches. 

Primary Office Building

HCDC’s main building offers six offices, one class room with a 50-student capacity, approximately, and a sizable gym.  You can also find a conference room with conference call capability and an overhead projector for teaching and presentation purposes.  In addition, you can enjoy amenities such as a full size, fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, two restroom and wireless high-speed internet.

K9 Housing

Dogs are housed in an indoor structure with 70 state-of-the-art kennels. There are a total of six sections, four within the kennel to easily organize, locate, and place dogs. In addition, two sections are located outside the kennel to provide quarantine for incoming dogs. Kennels provide privacy between dogs to minimize dog-to-dog interaction and control kennel stress.  Separate kennels are available to house handler's dogs. 

Training Areas

HCDC’s training areas are vast and well-equipped for K9 training to include a 40-acre site, some wooded and some clear. Within this space you will find:

  • Two 350 sq. ft. odor imprinting rooms
  • Two vehicle search areas with over 50 vehicles for detection searches
  • A 9,000 sq. ft. 2-story building with additional classrooms and areas where multiple EDD training scenarios can be replicated
  • A large obstacle course where dogs are both trained and conditioned
  • Spacious training area and extensive tracts of land that can be used to simulate various training scenarios


HCDC’s lodging facility can accommodate up to 30 students. Accommodations include in one 1,960 sq. ft double-wide mobile home with a fully equipped kitchen, five individual bedrooms, two full-size bathrooms, two common living areas, washer/dryer, satellite, wi-fi, pool table, and a small BBQ area just outside.  Adjacent to that, HCDC offers 10 housing units that sleep 2 per unit to include a full-size bathroom each, 2 common areas with a full-size kitchen, satellite, wi-fi, and washer/dryer, thus affording us the opportunity to comfortably accommodate 30 students.  A sizable exercise equipment room is available in office building.