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Roy and Kanto ready for the job.

Deputy J. Bennett, K9 Rody 2nd Place "Fast/Hard Dog Event"

Thor and his handler Tommy, assisted on a drug search warrant. He alerted to 7 areas in the house. 2 lbs. of cocaine 2 lbs. heroin and a total of 180,000 dollars were recovered in the areas of alert.

Ryan and Ram.


We are ecstatic to learn that our

dogs participated in Hidalgo County First Annual K9 Competition on Nov 11, 2015. Of course, it was a team effort, congratulations to the handlers as well!


Deputy A. Ortiz K9 Axel 1st Place "Devil Dog Event" 2nd Place "Patrol Event"

Deputy B. Dirner, K9 Nemo 2nd place "Narcotics Event"