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Caleb Owen, canine trainer, handler and instructor, has over 5 years of experience with military working dogs.  He began his law enforcement career as a Security Office for Signal 88 Security and later joined the United States Marine Corps as a Law Enforcement Officer.  His military working dog career began shortly after that.  As a Military Working Dog Trainer in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Owen attended the Specialized Search Dog Handler Course, the Train-the-Trainer Course, and Military Working Dog Deployment Training Course.  In 2015, he attended the Homemade Explosives Imprint Training Course, provided by ATF and the Working Dog Handler Journeyman for the Department of Labor, United States Military Apprenticeship Program.  In addition, he is CPR and First Aid Certified and has a certification in Emergency Vehicle Operations. Currently, Mr. Owen provides instruction for new canine handlers and is responsible for they progress and evaluation. 

Mike Clemenson

Caleb Owen

Michael Clemenson, Company founder, has 24 years’ experience working in the field of service canine.   He started his career in the United States Air Force as a working dog and narcotics dog trainer and handler. He advanced to the position “Supervisor of Procurement Team” to select and evaluate dogs for training.  After completing his tour of duty, Mr. Clemenson joined the team at Global Training Academy as a trainer for search, detection, security and land mine detection canines.  In 1994, he opened Hill Country Dog Center and where he continues to this date providing training and services to multiple state Police and Sheriff Departments and State Highway Patrol units, as well as procuring canines for contracts with the Federal Government.   Mr. Clemenson also facilitates numerous seminars and workshops both domestically and internationally.  In support of ongoing training departments, handlers, and companies, Mr. Clemenson has lectured and taught explosive detection, narcotic detection and patrol dog training seminars all over the United States and several foreign countries, including but not limited to, the Colombian Air Force, Singapore Civil Defense team, and Securita Aviation located at Schiphol International Airport.

Joseph Friel, canine training instructor and program developer, has 29 years of experience in K9, retired from the United States Air Force(USAF) Military Working Dogs(MWD) Program.  As an USAF NCO in charge of MWD evaluations. He supervised 3 civilian and 1 military evaluators, responsible for collecting and analysing data while performing validity testing of hundreds of MWD’s.  He planned and initiated evaluations / certifications of MWD’s. Mr. Friel provided recommendations and training methods to resolve deficiencies, then provided follow-up to ensure corrective actions taken were successful. As a civilian contractor, he worked as a supervisor of special projects and worked in conjunction with the Animal Behavior Section, Southwest Research Institute and the Department of Defense conducting experiments using Military Working Dogs. Later, Mr. Friel became a canine training instructor for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He trained explosive detection dogs used at airports thoughout the U.S. and conducted evaluations of explosive detection dog teams placed at airports. In 2010, Mr Friel worked as an Military Work Dog Training Instructor for the 701st Military Police Battalion.  He trained MWD's in all aspects of Controlled Aggression/Explosive Detection to certification standards set forth by the 341st. Also, he conducted evaluations of MWDs for the purpose of elimination, remedial or continued intensive training. Mr. Friel taught students in all aspects of handling, care, safety, and utilization of MWDs used for Explosive Detection/Controlled Aggression missions throughout the Department of Defense. Newly assigned trainers were assigned to Mr. Friel, so he can teach them the process, standards, and most current techniques involved in certification of MWDs.  Currently, Mr. Friel oversees the program development at Hill Country Dog Center.

Arturo Terraza

HCDC Exceptional Instructors

Joseph Friel

Arturo Terrazas, canine trainer, instructor and decoy, has 10 years of experience with working dogs. He began his career with The McConnel Group in San Antonio, Texas as a kennel caretaker and rapidly advanced to dog trainer. During this time, Mr. Terrazas, attended several narcotic seminars at Canine Headquarters and he became a certified Decoy from K9 Prosports. He is also involved in USA Mondioring, as a competitor and certified decoy. In 2015, Mr. Terrazas instructed a 5 week handler course in the Dominican Republic with all canine teams successfully completing the course. While in country, he is responsible for initial training and wellness checks of all procured canines.  He also evaluates dogs when they reach their maximum capability and met required standard. During course instruction and canine assessments, Mr. Terrazas performs all decoy duties.

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