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Kansas State Highway Patrol122 SW 7th

Topeka, KS 66603

Officer Kyle Moomau

San Angelo Police Department401 E. Beauregard Ave

San Angelo, Texas 76903

Sgt. Christopher Cimino

Philippine National PoliceExplosive Detection Canine

Sustainment Consultation Training

Director PSI Joseph P Escuro 

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Bexar County Sheriff's Department200 N Comal

San Antonio, Texas 78207

Sgt. Nathan Cartwright

Hill Country Dog Center has over 3,000 working dogs trained as explosive detection dogs, narcotic detection dogs or combination patrol/explosive-patrol/narcotic dogs. We provide trained and untrained dogs to multiple law enforcement agencies across the nation and around the world. We currently supply untrained canines to US Customs Border Patrol and have a customer base of more than 200 law enforcement agencies across the United States to include Bexar County, Kansas Highway Patrol, Lubbock Police Department, Odessa Police Department and Williamson County Sheriff Department to name a few.

Currently, Hill Country Dog Center partnered with the Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance to procured, trained and mobilized 80 single purpose canines.  At our facility, canines received 10 weeks of training on specific target odors and certified to the NORT standard.  After canines certified, HCDC scheduled and arranged the mobilization of the canines, and ensured proper documentation to successfully and safely transport canines to their final destination. Outside of Continental United States (OCONUS), HCDC Instructors provided six weeks Basic Handler Training Course to Afghanistan, Philippines, Thailand, Dominican Republic and Amman students.  To date, 65 canine teams successfully certified to the required United States government standards and are currently operational in respective countries.

During 2010 thru 2012, Hill Country Dog Center procured over 600 "green" multi-purpose canines. HCDC provided a four week Basic Handler Course, to more than 600 multi-purpose dog teams that completed a US Army AR. 190-12 Military Working Dog Certification.  As a result, HCDC cumulative certification success ratio was 95.06%. Also, HCDC scheduled and arranged the mobilization of the canines, and ensured proper documentation was in place to successfully and safely transport canines to their final destination, which included the Baghdad International Airport or Kandahar Air field.In 2011, HCDC prepared seventy-two explosive detection canines. The canines were trained and certified to the NORT standard. A four week Handler Training Course was provided at our facility and during phase two, the teams deployed to OCONUS facility for completion of the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) certification test. Then teams were place on the Baghdad Embassy Security Forces site in Baghdad.

Irving Police Department305 N O Connor Rd

Irving, Texas 75061

Officer Ray Carmack

Williamson County Sheriff's Department508 S Rock St

Georgetown, Texas 78626

Officer Randy Batten

Clark County Sheriff's Office221 W 9th Avenue

Ashland, Kansas 67831

Under Sheriff Daniel Knowles

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