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About Us

company Culture and core values


Our company’s Reputation is built on a long-lived principle that understanding the needs of our clients, each other, our community and anyone else we come in contact with is our top priority. Our reputation stands protected by our company’s code of ethics, culture, and values, which serve as our foundation through a tireless commitment to provide excellent customer service and working relationships to meet even the highest of standards.

Best Practices

Treat everyone with dignity, respect, and professionalism

Honor any and all backgrounds and cultures

Be present and stay committed

Why Choose Us?

What we do?

Hill Country Dog Center, LLC (HCDC) is an established, veteran-owned small business and professional canine training center.  Mike and his staff are regarded as the most pragmatically selected and qualified canine trainers in the field.  Under his guidance and leadership, HCDC has given rise to the most accomplished multi-purpose detection canine service company in the world to aid in the national security and anti-terrorism global effort. HCDC is the most trusted provider of canine services to the United Sates Government and Foreign Governments.  Its canines and canine teams can be found around the world serving as proof as this program’s success.

To date, HCDC continues to provide training and services to multiple State Police and Sheriff Departments and State Highway Patrol units, as well as procuring canines for contracts with the Federal Government stateside and abroad.