Hill Country Dog Center

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Dedicated to providing quality working dogs and training.



Providing the best training for canine handlers.    




Our trainers have 100 years combined canine experience. Their knowledge stems from working with thousands of canines, career experience, and world wide teaching experience. 



Our small business thrives on customer satisfaction. Our client base ranges from local police departments to security firms around the world. 

Welcome to an amazing training facility!



Our facility is one of the best canine training facility in the world. All canine and handler training is accomplished in this centralized location from "green dog" to working dog.


The Adventure Begins

We welcome you to Hill Country Dog Center. As a dog handler, you become part of a very small but well known group of people. You are privilege to have an additional set of eyes and a kin nose and ears with you while at work. Your dog will become a loyal companion and protector. Thank you for the opportunity to teach you and your dog all their is, to be a successful canine team. 


Have fun! Be safe! See you at recertification!


Mike Clemenson